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Jonathan A. Coulter , PhD

School of Pharmacy

Queens University


United Kingdom






Dr. Coulter obtained a BSc degree in Cell Biology and Pathology from the University of St-Andrews in 2002. In September 2003 he undertook his PhD within the School of Pharmacy at Queens University Belfast, with a specific interest in modulation of radiation response using tumour specific, transcriptionally targeted gene therapy strategies.

In 2006 he was appointed as a research fellow within the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, QUB. His interest in tumour response to ionising radiation continued, with a focus on the development of radiosensitising gold nanoparticles. The primary goal of this research programme was to exploit the physical properties of gold in order to sensitise cells to radiation treatment.

With a specific interest in the biological factors that influence the efficacy of these experimental therapies, Dr. Coulter along with his multidisciplinary colleagues are developing increasingly complex functionalised nanoparticles exhibiting tumour specific targeting properties. Other interests include genetic alterations/phenotypes that significantly alter radiation sensitivity including tumour-initiating cells and tumour microenvironment mediated chemokine/cytokine signalling.

In 2012, Dr. Coulter was appointed as a Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, Queens University Belfast and is establishing his own research programme around physical and molecular approaches to radio-sensitisation.













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