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List of members



Ahmed O. Elzoghby, MD, PhD

Department of Industrial Pharmacy,

Faculty of Pharmacy,

Alexandria University,

Alexandria, Egypt








Ahmed Elzoghby is a lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University and a pharmacist-scientist in the Department of Industrial Pharmacy. He received his M.D. (in 2009) and Ph.D. (in 2012) from Alexandria University Faculty of Pharmacy. Dr. Elzoghby directs the Cancer Nanotechnology Research Group (CNRG) which he recently established in 2013. Dr. Elzoghby's research interests lie mainly in cancer nanotechnology and include formulation of polymeric nanoparticles, spray-dried nanomicelles, milk protein self-nanoassemblies, albumin nanocapsules, as well as lyophilized monophase dispersions. With a specific focus on the development of natural polymer-based nanocarriers based on proteins and polysaccharides for tumor-targeted delivery of poorly soluble anti-cancer drugs















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