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Author's Brief




Author's Briefs. If you have published an original peer reviewed article in any Open Access Journal you likely own the copyright of your article and you can adapt or modify your work to share and distribute it. You can resubmit your original article to NanoDrugs as a short version highlighting the most important findings of your original paper and of course, citing the original source. This Author's Brief will not be peer reviewed and it is your responsibility to not distort the interpretation of the findings of the original articles.


Author's briefs serves two main purposes:

i) for authors, to promote their work by providing a short friendly version of a sometimes long article. This will also increase the citation number of the original article since NanoDrugs will encourage to cite the original source.

ii) for readers to find an alternative short version of important findings. Readers will alway have the chance to read the original open access article for details.

Author's brief should be short versions of manuscripts published no more than 6 months before submission to NanoDrugs and will be published within 7-14 days at no cost. To ensure that the Author's brief is submitted by the original author(s), only submission coming from the same e-mail address of the corresponding author listed in the original article will be accepted. Authors that have recently moved to another institution should provide evidence of the new affiliations (e.g. institutional website) when submitting an Author's Brief.




























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